FOMOfeed is a hyper-local source for NYC art lovers, culture explorers and experience seekers. With an extensive knowledge of culture and the city's pulsating calendar, FOMOfeed is considered NYC's event and activity expert. The first to showcase the best exhibits, galleries, cultural events and pop-up activities - FOMOfeed is the ultimate resource for culture happenings at any given moment in NYC. But...
New York City is bigger than an Instagram Feed.
Welcome to theFOMOfeed.com.
Our new website follows the success of our Instagram - with even more activity locations and listings, expertly curated itineraries, and exclusive discounts and giveaways. And unlike our Instagram - theFOMOfeed.com showcases ONLY the events that are currently open and accessible.
Our trusted recommendations - now searchable. Our curated activity suggestions - now mappable. ONLY the currently open events and activities. Real-Time Postings. Real-Time Listings. More showcased activities and events, all at your fingertips. 
Standing in NYC and want to know what to see? Tap on our map - it will find your current location and show you all of our recommendations that are steps away
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Want to create your own plan? Tap on the heart icon on any of the activities to mark your favorites, and create your own must-visit list for city explorationsWant to look ahead at upcoming events? 
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Our website is the ultimate source for NYC activities, expertly curated itineraries, and exclusive discounts and giveaways.
No More FOMO. We got you. 
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New York City is only the beginning. Stay tuned as we continue to grow across big cities across the world. For collaborations, inquires, or just to say hi to the team behind the feed, click here.(Link this to the inquiry form).